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How it works

Helpy™ is a simple upper back harness designed to hook your Carry-On Bag handle to work as an extra hand so you will have the opportunity to have your hands free and multitask on the GO.



The Helpy™  Harness was invented by our ProTech Industries LLC President, Rod Sosa


My company is dedicated to commercialize heavy duty equipment; Semi-Trailers.  I was almost living on the air, traveling from here to there on airplanes and every time that the plane landed, I had to turn on my phone, wait for the signal, receive e-mails, start getting out of the plane, try to respond urgent e-mails with one hand while pulling my carryon with the other. Therefore, the AHA moment!  I tried to attach the handle to my pants belt and the weight of the Carry on started to pulling them down… I wasn’t fine by the airport authorities for nudity but it gave me the BIG IDEA to use the Carry-On as my own Semi Trailer and me as the truck trailer.  Different designs later we came up with this unique, simple and affordable way to travel efficiently, comfortable freeing your hands and Multitasking.


We also wanted to give back to people in need so we made an alliance with the “Fundacion Aldo Castaneda” in Guatemala to help their magnificent and huge cause to Offer a normal life to thousands of children that are born with a malformation of the heart and they need diagnosis and corrective surgery.